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"A delightful read!"

About the book

panties UP dress DOWN is a collection of stories that convey how a mother converted her daughter's awkward and painful childhood moments into life lessons. Told from the daughter's perspective, panties UP dress DOWN is a verbal life instruction manual sprinkled with childhood angst, humor, and love.

The author

Hi! I'm Deletta Gillespie, a multi-disciplinary teaching and performing artist, playwright, singer/songwriter, storyteller, and recording artist. I'm a college lecturer, and I teach acting, theatre, and African Diaspora studies. I'm the  author two blogs - The Sassy Sage Sez, and HeARTfully Yours. I earned an MFA in Theatre Arts from Towson University.

" I laughed. I cried."


On teasing...

They talked about Jesus Christ...what chance you think you got?

On decision making...

Always, always...think for yourself!

On friendship...

Everybody that smiles in your face isn't your friend.

On disappointment...

Always expect the best, but don't ever be surprised at the worst.

On dating...

Keep your panties UP, and your dress DOWN!

"Required reading for girls and young women ages 8 - 20...and beyond."

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